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Save the Data. Send an Email.

MailKeepr stores your data by simply sending it an email. All your backup emails and attachments are neatly presented and can even be shared with anyone you choose. There is no special software to install, just sending an email like you do today. You can send from any device, from smartphone to desktop, and from anywhere.

Why MailKeepr Was Created:
MailKeepr was created for the techies and non-techies alike. Backup can be a chore that often gets put off until it’s too late. I wanted something that everyone could do from anywhere without having to worry about installing or setting up any configurations. I also wanted to provide a way to share those same things. When you’re out taking pictures with your smartphone, I wanted a way to keep those pictures safe and provide a more private way to share with friends and family than things like Facebook or Instagram.

You simply sign up for a free account at and then any email you send to from your sign up email account will be saved. You can view it anytime at and every email is easily shareable with a special link. It’s that simple. Nothing installed, no big learning curve, and it’s no longer a big chore.


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Matt Smith, founder
twitter: @mailkeepr

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